York University
   Psychology major (graduated)

   - acrylics, copic markers, watercolour, airbrushing
   - clay sculpting, other crafts and accessories
   - inking, story boarding, character profile sheets
   - Photoshop, Image Ready, Sai Paint, OpenCanvas

   - Web design: CSS, HTML, VBasic, Javascript
   - Office Word, Powerpoint, Excel
   - fluent in English, intermediate in Japanese

   Photoshop: 15+ Years of experience
   ACG North America mascot designer and illustrator
   Minitokyo.Net mascot designer
   Kawaii-Kon Hawaii Convention, mascot illustration
   Kita-Kon Thunder Bay Convention, mascot designer
   SWACE Albuquerque Convention, mascot designer
   Sakura River, Fading Hearts video game (character designer and artist)
   Bebe Raicaille, website illustration, pefume box illustration & comic artist
   Digital Artist Daily Magazine, issue 17 cover artist
   Intertrend & Toyota: MikuScape Party, featured artist
   Much Music & Sharpie Commercial, performing artist
   Gang Road, Japanese Application, illustrator
   Learning Application, character designer, illustrator
   Fantasy Novel, illustrator
   Kintoki-Con, cover artist
   Danmaru Pirates, illustrator
   Drecom Corporation, Sengoku Frontier, illustrator
   GCREST, Dragon's Shadow, illustrator
   Crypton Future Media, Hot Topic, illustrator
   Bushiroad, Future Card Buddyfight, illustrator
   DMM/Powerchord Studios, Drill Senki, illustrator

   Ontario Scholars Award 2008
   Anime North Illustration Winner 2008
   Dot Con: Artist Guest 2008
   Anime North Grand Prize Winner 2009
   Drakaina Artbook: Guest Artist
   Naming of Kintoki-Con (Anime Convention)
   Anime North Grand Prize Winner 2011
   Kintoki-Con: Artist Guest 2013